Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Below you can find several questions and answers considered relevant by 3A TEAM with the aim of encouraging users to understand the operation of DecodersTool. If as a user you consider this list unsatisfactory, please let us know your concerns through the Contact us form at the bottom of the page:
FAQ #1:
What is DecodersTool ?
Decoders Tool is a software to provide technical services to mobile devices. Supports the main brands and models of current devices in the GSM market.
FAQ #2:
Why does my antivirus detect the software Decoders Tool as a virus?
DecodersTool is detected as virus by some antivirus due to the protection system used by the software. You must disable your antivirus at the time of execution of DecodersTool or add to the trusted area of your antivirus the folder where the Decoders Tool software is located. Decoders Tool will never include any type of virus or malware inside it.
FAQ #3:
What advantages does Decoders Tool offer me in relation to other similar software?
Decoders Tool is designed to cover all types of customers in the market. With very cheap prices in its licensing and credit system and the best and most current solutions for mobile devices. If you receive many jobs or have several branches, you can buy a license and you will have access to almost all operations free of cost, you will save more. If you receive few jobs because you have the possibility to buy at a very low price the necessary credits for the operations you need to use.