Software Licence & Credit:
An online user of Decoders Tool can acquire Software Licence and/or buy credit to execute several application's functionalities. If user acquire Software Licence recive a very economical adjustment for its credit consumption. The acquired licence required be renewed yearly. Before proceed with any option displayed below, please, read carefully following terms and conditions:
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Terms & Conditions:
(For every online user of Decoders Tool)

Decoders Tool is a software (hereinafter "this software") to provide technical services to mobile devices. By mentioning "any of its parts" hereafter refers to this software, its modules, its components and documentation, as well as any other file officially distributed by the authors of this software.

Some functionalities that this software can present are regulated by legal terms in different countries. The authors of this software are not responsible for the consequences associated with the execution of such functions in those countries with such regulations. The user must consult the legal regulations of their locality before using this software to avoid any violation to the law.

The authors of this software reserve the right to modify or eliminate any of its parts, or future updates of any of its parts, without prior notification to the user. The authors of this software are not responsible for the unofficial modification (modification not made by any of the authors of this software) of any of its parts, or the consequences caused by the execution of any of its parts that has been modified in an unofficial way.

The authors of this software are not responsible for the damages caused to the devices that the user affects when executing any of the functionalities of this software.

If the user accepts these terms and conditions, he / she confirms that he / she agrees with everything stated above and can use this software now.

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